Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


These lovely things are sounding tremendous this morning, on loan from @crimsondonkey. Having one of those moments when I can’t try favourite albums out quick enough to see how good they sound. Thanks Wayne.

Oh, and other huge upgrade of the day is a pair of sports socks in the slotted ports of my Spendor S8e, tightened up the bass nicely.


I thought the socks might work :slightly_smiling_face:


Just looking for audiophile socks online.


I have some silver thread ones I’m not using.
Yours for £259.
I just want back what I paid for them.


Here you go.


I’ve heard that bamboo fibre socks are reasurringly expensive :+1:


I have plywood socks,can’t say they are very comfy though


but very comfortable


Sorry, needs to be way more expensive before I believe it makes a difference


Work a treat


Excellent idea


Audio Note could re-badge them for you for a fee I imagine.



So pleased to see them sounding good , will you be using the matching pre amp too ?


With a bit of luck I will give it a try. Very surprised how well these work in my system, providing enough current for my sleepy Spendors.

I need to sort the mains/grounding in my system, I had a some speaker buzz until I connected one mono via an extension lead to another room:roll_eyes:

Wife unimpressed by trailing cables, but sounds ace.


Thats a pain , wonder whats causing that ?


Probably just my cheap B&Q extension cables being plugged into two adjacent wall sockets. I am an electronics numpty, but guessing it was creating some king of ground loop, as breaking the chain has also cured a crackle problem when changing sample rates using my streamer.

Need a conditioner or a dc blocker or both. Or something completely different.



I have one of those going spare.


I have one of Sodders 4 way, and a single one, you are welcome to try.