Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I got a 8 way and a 6 way from Sodders.
They do what they say on the tin, very happy with them


Finally fitted the cart off Ian :heart_eyes:




Much smoother than the koetsu I’d just been playing, vocals particularly have a depth and quality I’ve not heard at home before.
Any recommendations with loading? I’ve not changed from Koetsu setup @ 100ohms.


Best ask Ian Mark I can’t remember. Sorry.


Very nice.


I had it set at 100ohms which is what it says in the manual. :slight_smile:


Sold my Karan power amp last week. The buyer liked it so much he came back today and bought the preamp. So I’m all Aesthetix now. Since buying what I thought was a standard Atlas power amp I have found out that it is the Signature version. A £3k premium over the standard model. I’m not sure the dealer realised but he never specified it in his ad. Happy days :sunglasses:


That silver calypso is sooo out of place. Sell it to me and get yourself a nice black one.


My Pandora is a thing of joy…


Not overly bothered but I can get a black fascia fitted and probably will at some point. Glad you are liking the Pandora :+1:




I am enjoying the asymmetry :wink:


Meh! Weirdos everywhere these days…:face_with_monocle:


Pleased the karan went to a good home , looked a lovely bit of kit


Corbusier is my favourite weirdo


Mats don’t make a difference ! Yeah, right, of course they don’t.


nice one, that’s a decent record player now :smiley:


You know, I think you could be right.


Suspect it’s all in adding that badge.


I give him 6 months and there will be some Lenco or something there.

If you have a SP10 Mk1 or Mk2, simply mad not to get one of the PureSound mats. The alternative is the Micro Seki mats which are two to four times the price second hand if you can find one.