Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Well, it will be once there’s a decent arm on there…



Indeed it needs a Graham or TriPlanar.

Or one of these


Yes, I should have said turntable.




Would you expect any less from me? :+1::roll_eyes:


Not really :grin:




Terribly. Dont put better arm on it to get the best performance from the tt, get bored of it in six months and then sell it to me! Cash waiting. :+1::grin:


Then just buy a CD player :+1:


Whuts dat? :drooling_face:


Wash your mouth out with carbolic soap young man





More than possible, based on past form.


Now FS - motor unit with PSU, slate plinth, mat and Hana SL cartridge - no arm - £1100, with arm - £900 :joy:


That is a joke, right?


Nakamichi capstan motors are spendy…


Ed Zackly



I’d report him to the mods if I were as confused as you :grin:. He clearly has an item Not For Sale and is not starting a new thread about it in the Classifieds.

Feckin’ disgraceful behavoir, bringing the disrepute of the 'Toir into reputation.


No, I’ve already not made a low ball offer, which has been accepted.