Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I demand at least a not interested check.


The TT has now been not sold but the arm is still available, if you will accept £200 for it.


I have generic tat to not exchange?


Thanks to Pete @coco I got to try a good selection of 6SN7s in my amp and the Brimars really stood out for me. So after losing 2 auctions on eBay I’ve finally won a pair. :grinning: Sounding sublime.


The oval plate Brimars are amongst my faves. :+1:


Not hard to see why Pete. They just seem to add that little extra touch of definition. Well worth the outlay.


Was taking some photos of the OTO to sell it and for the hell of it thought I’d try it with the Devores and it sounds really bloody good so is no longer for sale :frowning:

Nice new Lumin U1 Mini


After about five years ownership my preamp (David Wright) has now got a case plus an extra input. I haven’t used it for over a year so I’m counting it as new. Also worth a mention is that I have french polished my phono stage. Worryingly It’s all looking quite normal.


Nice, Croft could learn a thing or two from your handywork :joy:


I do like the last photo :+1:


Got a system together for one of the offspring, considering the outlay of £160, not bad.


Amazing what you can do for little money - and they always seem to sound great!



Me like.


Meters rule.:+1:


Rob hasn’t seen this or he wouldn’t be able to sleep


Foo quotient rising. A well used Audiophile Base arrived this morning.


What cable lifters are you using?


So far I’m struggling on with the Siltechs casually coiled on the carpet but lifter envy is keeping me up at night. :grinning:


A wothwhile upgrade? I spent the morning making up two mains cables (so you know im not trolling).