Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I have a couple of them, seem to work.:wink:


I’m only 3 sides in. I’m sure I’ll have convinced myself by the end of the evening. :grinning: It doesn’t sound worse and it looks good so that’s a win. This one is a bit the worse for wear and was inexpensive. I’m not sure I would cough up proper money for one.



Before anybody asks, no I don’t own cable lifters.

You’ll want these horrible things


Doge 211 on temporary wheeled bases just to get them in the room as very heavy.


Are cable lifters purely to facilitate vacuuming?


You musn’t ever touch them with the vaccuum cleaner.
The electron flow through the nano crystaline lattice in the cable will be disturbed and take weeks to stabalise.


Not a problem, Dyson is working on an audiophile vacuum. 6 x price of animal version.


Hamster cages need a bit of dusting. :+1:


Its the grain on the phone camera photo. No dust to see here. Move right along. The trolleys were a great idea at £10 each. Thank you.


See you don’t even get a swipe with a bit of sandpaper for $44.99 these days…



I’m guessing that this is some kind of vinyl sorcery?


Indeed it is Guy. It’s definitely cast a spell on my system. Badoom-tish!


Eq is wrong if that is the result…


Please imagine that you’re talking to a moron and tell me what it does. Using short words.


It makes it sound betterer.


It’s just a phono-stage with built in adjustment for loading, capacitance and equalisation curve. So basically an amplifier that takes the tiny signal from the cartridge and boosts it to a level that is usable by the line in stage on an amplifier.

The adjustability is mostly foo.


Looks nice mate :+1:

What were you using before ?


Finally got some record storage sorted -

There’s an identical unit t’other side.

More than a bit’ cosy’ in here :smiley:


Looking good Mike. 'Scuse my shite memory, what speakers are they?