Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Pro-Ject Phonobox SE ii. It’s actually a decent little stage, i only really got the MF because it was offered at an incredibly low price by a mate who’s downsizing and consolodating all his systems in to one.

He’s asked me to help him sell some of the gear, so there might be some tasty stuff being posted in the classifieds soon…


They’re Kralk TDB-2’s


Nice one :+1:


I’m currently pondering my first evah foray into pre/power (instead of just an integrated) so this whole phono stage thing is way above my pay grade.


And rather splendid they are too :+1:



Any idea what you’re after getting Guy?


BK Elec monolith, now I has two.


What’s the low end cut off/F3 on those Edd?


20hz, so probably mid teens in room.


Mad! I hope your house is built well :rofl:


Goodness knows. I’ve confused myself badly.

It will need to do a lot of streaming stuff too, and possibly Roon. Somewhere between a Sonos shitbox and a Moon pre/DAC/streamer + TBD power, with a lot of all-in-ones and Auralic kit in between :thinking:


I’ve just looked up the spec. They reckon 15Hz in room.

Each one weighs 94lb FFS!!


Measurement from listening position. Sub level set flat at about 1m from the speakers, lots of room gain :smiley:

I bought mine without the built in plate amps as I have spare amplifiers and things like a mini dsp.

Cost 10 years ago: £240.00 delivered
Cost 1 month ago: £232.00 delivered



Before and after room correction using DRC.


Still a 10dB lift in the bass end.


So there should be at the listening position. Speakers are supposed to be flat anachoically not in room.


What’s doing the DRCing?

I suspect most of the weight is the driver.


I use this:

Via this

Using this method:

It produces an FIR filter you just need to run in a convolver. I use Reaper as that’s also how I do my crossovers but there are many ways to do it.


Decided to do some tube rolling on the Decware Zen, from Mother Russia, a quad of Svetlana SV83 and a NOS Tesla E88CC Gold Pin to replace the 6P15P-EV/6N1P-EV tubes that I’ve had on it since we made it almost 6-years ago!

Just took a punt on a NOS Mullard/Adzam GZ32 too :scream:

Valves by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


[pedant mode] weren’t Tesla Czech rather than Russian (although I suppose they could be Soviet?) [/pedant mode]

Anyway I’ve got a couple of NOS Tesla 12ax7’s and they are really good.