Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Fine, whatever :grin:


Have you 2 amps?


Still just the same one Andy :+1:


That SV83 looked nice Rob.


Can’t believe how much better this sounds than the Pro-Ject SE ii, which is actually a decent little bit of kit, it’s replaced. I’ve listened to more vinyl over the last 2 days than I have in the last month.

Just the main amplification to sort now and I’ll be happy for a good while I think.


Not a fan of Pro-ject phono stages, owned one once (not that one).

Glad you are happy with the MF.


Hmmmm, we’ll see.


It’s turmoil here, my new Air Motion Transformer Dipole tweeters arrived at lunchtime. I have had to use a mini DSP and tri-amp the whole affair. The room tidy yesterday is now a mess. My Behringer IPuke DSP bass amp is very shy on sensitivity and 300B amp something like 350mV. for full output so at opposite ends of normal. It’s just slightly volume limited in the bass department

I will need to swap out the behringer maybe tomorrow. it’s promising.

Currently crossing things over at 106hz and 2.2K


Andy, are you using the Zen with the Supravox? Do you still have that cute little OTL amp?


No unfortunately the OTL was sold before I moved.

I am currently using the Zen with the tweeters I will perhaps swap over amps tomorrow.
It does make sense as I like the Decware midband more than the 300b plus the 300b has 4ohm tappings so should electrically match the 4 ohm tweeters better.


Want to borrow a Rotel six channel amp? Got one downstairs. Had three stereo volume controls, quite handy


Thanks for the offer - it would be great to have just one box but I do have and Yamaha 20W 4 channel job already which I might try that tomorrow - The 15" bass needs160W to get itself moving decently so Im not sure the rotel is going to give me much more benefit than the Yamaha.


Have fun! :grinning:


Borrowed these off Chris to have a play with again…hmmmmm…


Love the friesians!


They have very good hearing. Sometimes they nod in approval, or shake their heads in disgust.

The speakers are the active ESI Unik 08. Originally from sodders years ago.



Now with added Mullard content in a Blackburn made Adzam GZ32…

Decware Zen by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


Well, that’s rectified the problem :smiley:


What does it do?