Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


listens to every conversation in the house, and sends it back to google HQ. Oh and streams stuff


If your poxy network can find it


Indeed,you should be getting a Russ Andrews catalogue within the week


Indeed, I found that my router was on their list of “doesn’t bloody work with this product” routers. Think I gave mine away.

I have had similar problems with a regular Chromecast. Ended up buying a £25 Roku box that seems a bit better.



Well it works, streaming a free Spotify account at the moment, sounds surprisingly ok.

Just about to sign up for 30days free Tidal account for giggles and laughs…


Are these offers just scams? Seem to be available for most of the streaming services.


No idea, first I’ve seen of that, but I’m pretty new to all this streaming malarkey.


I’d be cautious, new seller with 22 feedback ratings all in the last month “Member since: 04-Feb-19 in Morocco”


£7 for a year’s sub that should normally cost £240 is obviously not official. It might work, but IMO paying for piracy is the worst - if you’re going to pirate, at least do it for free!


You can get rolling three months free, but lose your history each time you flip.
Paying someone else for piracy would annoy me.

Probably the Russians or N. Koreans making cash out of crime to fund their fun.


Well I set up a free month of Tidal hifi last night. Sounds good!
Can’t seem to import albums off Deezer which is annoying…managed to do some play lists though.


There is some service that you can use to transfer all your favourites and playlists from one streaming service to another, it costs a few quid to do them in bulk. I used it once, it worked OK


I found a website cheers. But yeah, you need to pay to transfer albums :frowning:.

Another thing that happens now and then is the cast will disconnect for apparently no reason.


Just pulled the trigger on a pair of Kralk TDB-6’s


You slut :grinning:


But but but, for more of the same reasons …


I don’t want to know anything about them Mike - thanks in advance. :+1:


I expect them to be shit, anyway, Allan.