Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Me too :metal:


Me three.

Maybe when I get a bigger house :confused:


I like Kralk audio speakers, I’ve heard a good few of the range now and I’ve liked them all.
I suspect these will be very very good. And Alan is a top bloke as well.


nice jolida dac mark 3 arrived in system with many thanks to deggie . settling in now

P1060482 by , on Flickr


Picked up a pair of these last night - Pioneer M-Z1a mono amps.

Ordered the step down at 9pm, now at staring out the window like a lost puppy :sob:


What VA rating did you go for?


All audiofools need a variac.




Probably have to spend the rest of my days on the planet trying to find the matching preamp and the even rarer phono amp.


At least you’ll be able to turn the central heating down, once you get them fired up. :wink:


I’m predicting they’ll kick out something like the same heat that the Edd made Aleph monos do at the moment- the radiator is turned off in my room :slightly_smiling_face:


Just depends on he circuit. I think the alephs dissipate about 180w of heat each, which is actually quite efficient for a single ended class a design.


Meh, my Krell KAS-2 pump out about 3K of heat when warm. Winter amps or the door / windows open.


the cassette deck, just wow :heart_eyes:


Pioneer Exclusive P3 turntable. €7500 Audiomarkt. :sunglasses:


Almost the perfect looking TT imo

Headshell lets it down


Not quite, as they have a variable bias system, they would only do that when they are putting out near rated power.


Nah, its a PS-X9 I’m looking for.


Looks like hifido get them in often enough.


Wise move. It’s a scrumptious thing.