Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today



Yep I’m already stalking that hifido :grinning:

Classic Audioscope pricing! Do they ever sell anything?

I passed on a much better unit on yahoo auction yesterday which included the original cartridge/ headshell.


Bidding on Yahoo can be tricky - if you use a 3rd party co / expensive. Better to have a contact in JPN willing to do favors…


Sadly the friends I made in Honda when I was working over there were over 15 years ago, so no such luck.


The trouble is, it’s impossible to register for an account with a UK address, hence the 3rd party businesses that do enable you to buy but with a premium slapped on top.


Yes a premium but still probably not as expensive as Audioscope :rofl:


You could import from Oz for that extra heat warming feel of ‘Oh God I’ve paid over the odds’ coupled with the ecstasy of VAT





Personally, I’d stick to Hi-Fi Do. Their prices aren’t silly and they know how to pack stuff properly. Took me about an hour to get into my PS-X9 when it arrived from them!


Yeah, who needs cueing when you can have an arm lifter :smiley:



Many thanks to Mick and Rob for the brilliant help in bringing this beauty down from that Liverpool.




That was fast. Nice!


Does it sound as good as it looks?


Well yes, but very soon after connecting it, one channel decided to start flicking in and out. Dirty switch I think.

Edit. The faulty switch is on the Luxma not the Micro Seiki.


Fabulous looking TT :heart_eyes:


You should have seen it when my mate got it. It had been used in tv/movie studio and it was absolutely wrecked, covered in all kinds of crap. I thought he was off his head tbh.


One of the nicest TT’s I’ve seen, now.

Hat off to your mate.