Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Yeah it seemed/seems to have a loyal following and good reviews at the time. This one has some fancy components in it apparently, not exactly sure what right now, but it certainly sounds involving.


I don’t really have any space for shiny new things at the moment in my HiFi world as I am a pretty settled man having practiced austerity and thinned back to the one system.

Oracle - Kuzma - Benz
ARC - PP1 Phono
ARC LS-7 - Pre
Accoustic Reality 1001’s - 650W mono blocks
Celestion Sl700 - speakers
And some huge oversized Denon CD player

However all my proceeds from my recent selling are going towards some shiny cast iron radiators and…a pair of Celestion Kington speakers if I can find a pair. The pinnacle of the Celestion SL era.

Plus as much alcohol as can be consumed in the company of Rob in which he usually beats me hands down. I do owe him though and he does know all his hard work and help has cost me a £7.69 Wethey’s burger with a drink.


Pioneer amps moved to give them a better position to pump out heat unrestricted :grimacing:

And another shot to just to show shameless disregard for VTA


Had it a little while but needs a service


I love the front of those amps.


I think the preamp has the best front.


You do like your matched sets of JapFi, don’t you?


Yeah, very nice.


Well, when its sounds this good, yes.


Getting myself a nice @coco inspired collection of 6SN7s. Most of these arrived today from a US seller on eBay at extremely good prices even with any import taxes factored in


fucks sake, the bases aren’t lined up and straight.


Shocking orientation as well - Please have another go at this.


First up, managed to bag a Rega Saturn to try after having a Mk1 Planet, Apollo-2000 and Apollo-R in the past.

Rega Saturn by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

And finally got round to buying some GIK panels, I’ve been researching it since we moved in 2-years ago but we had a nice little bonus at work so went for it.
Decided to start with treating the 1st reflection points, and 2nd is done with the sofa and panel under the TV. I also have some rear diffusors/absorbers behind the listening seat with another thin panel to go up the other side of the window.

Then to finally get round to decorating!

System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


That’s a really lovely looking room.


Thanks, its getting there! The wife is happy with the look generally but I want to decorate, I’m the fussy one! She does not really care!


That looks a substantially bigger place than your previous, Rob?


Actaully, the room itself is reasonably smaller than the room in the flat but its just a living room, where as before, it was living room/diner and ‘walkway’ to the kitchen.
Its so nice to have a semi-dedicated room to the Hifi & TV.
Its dual aspect as well so you get the sun from both sides throughout the day but not directly in your face or on the TV which is nice!


Very nice looking.


Looks terrific!


Looks good. What speakers are those, Rob?