Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


That looks a very relaxing room to listen to music in Rob


Looks a fab room.


They are DIY speakers, based on a Supravox 165-2000 AlNiCo full range driver:


Missing the 201s then :wink:


I really liked the Goodmans 201s, nice smooth but dynamic sound although quite well balanced despite the size. Although different rooms, I think these Supravox drivers are a lot better, certainly don’t need a tweeter like the 201s did. Similar sensitivity although these are 4Ohm rather than 16Ohm.


Marantz Esotec SC-6 pre and MA-5 mono blocks that will be familiar to a few here, complimented nicely by a new vinyl purchase of ‘Rare Birds’ by Jonathan Wilson (complete accident of course).
Considering gold teeth, or maybe just a bespoke case for my DDDAC :slight_smile:



Spooky, I ordered that last night from Piccadilly records, weirdly it was only £14.99 from their Discogs shop vs £27.99 from their own website.


Paid £28 from my local shop.
Mine must be real gold.


what ddac did you get or are getting ?


I bought Des’ (Soulman), a very nice sounding 1794 single board job. He made a very nice job of the power supplies to the dac and built in Rpi.


It was:

Voyd Reference, AN Arm 1-3 mk2 and Ortofon MC 70 Anniversary


Voyd 0.5 Reference, AN-1s with IO 1

FS: Voyd 0.5 reference Turntable

VTA looks out…


Is that the Ceremony 12” single you are playing? I’m sure it is either late JD or very early NO from the label.


Indeed it is, specifically “In a lonely place” on the B side, see “A picture…” thread


Did you pick up the RSD 12" a couple of years ago with JD demos of Ceremony/IALP on one side and NO versions on the other? Of the versions of IALP available this is the best available. IALP, and that version in particular, is one of my go to tracks when trying to determine if my stereo is working properly. It is an undervalued masterpiece of Hannet’s craft…


No I don’t have that. My copy is from many many years ago.
My favourite version of IALP was when they played live at the BBC on the telly and Barney spends most of the song telling Stephen to drum faster. By the end his arms are flying like a dervish.

Are the JD versions the same as on the Heart and Soul cd compilation? I have that


Trying a different DAC in my main system (Tascam DA-3000), really rather loving it at the moment.

Also a different power amp (Art Quintet) and DAC (Teac DA-700) in my second system.


Watch the DAC getting hot from the amp underneath bob.

Looking nice though :+1:


Lots of gap and the rack is made of granite


How is the Tascam? - was looking at that or the HS-20, which can be networked, for DAC and vinyl rips.