Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Lots of detail, a little bright, oddly it gets brighter if you leave it on for a while. It also gets quite warm, so you need a bit of ventilation.

Not sure I like the light show, not worked out yet how to switch it off. Looks like 1980s cassette deck meters. I am using coax in and balanced out, as the Teac D700 only has coax or toslink. Balanced output is true balanced and 6dB louder.

Not as natural as the Audio Syntesis DAX Discrete I normally use.

Not tried it yet as an analogue to digital converter. The record feature and usb connection is good. You could use it as a source.

The manual is a book.

You are welcome to borrow it.


Thank you for your impressions and amazingly kind offer. Will have a think!


I also have a Soniflex ADDA and the Tascam is a lot better.


OK, that’s worth knowing


For anyone interested these are " adequate " On the 4 Ohm tap they have a little valve noise through the speakers with your ears within inches of the drivers. Once any music is playing this is not discernible. The upside is that 4 Ohm tap gives a much better control of the drivers and greater headroom. Even on Class A 25W setting loudness is not a limiting factor. These are better than the AR D115 that I previously used.
Not quite up to 100 hours on the valves yet but control/ hear through into the recording techniques on different recordings is improving.
Apart from their enormous size and large glowing valves they can disappear on suitably recorded music whether digital or vinyl. I quite like them :grin:


I like to think our conveyancing fees are at least a little bit responsible :smiley:


Every " little" helps as my Mum used to say. Many thanks for your support.

However there may be a more direct connection to a recent £10M + London property portfolio transaction or even the recyling of an Avid Acutus :sunglasses:


D115 is a lovely amp


I think you’re on to something here, Bob. Semi-Pro DACs could be the next forum fad.


Jerry incoming :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have owned them for at least 4 years, been sat in the store after being used when I got them.

Tascam is pretty good to be fair.


Apogee Rosetta :+1:


I’m sure it is. It will have the benefit of not having its cost bumped by 30% by eschewing the fancy milled aluminium faceplate.


It has the light show and a small screen with a blue light (hate blue LEDs). Does a lot, not just DAC.


VTA obvs out, fair bit of adjustment since this, it works, pic


My first passive pre a Tisbury Mini MkII. Saw it for sale locally and handy to have. May end up using it with my Ayre power amp at my bake off.


Due to ongoing issues with my Canor CD player I snagged this from ebay for £40 - not bad at all and it works - which is a bonus.


that was my first CD player circa 1986! Fond memories.


Audio Note UK Ongaku Kensei, it’s been in my system for a few days now, I like it very much.


Like the Trigon phono stage, they are brilliant for the money.