Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


It is a great thing Bob and surprised it doesn’t get more love from serial cart swappers.


It’s still a very good CD player :ok_hand:


Indeed, I have the Trigon Vangard II, very happy with it.


Which you lent to me (Thanks again BTW) and is a feckin’ awesome bit of kit with a decent SUT and a nice MC cartridge.


Which you also put me on to, and I bought, many many moons ago.


I’m really looking forward to trying my Trigon Advance SE (once I can manage to get the reassembly of my gyrodec right). I’ve had the new stage about 6 months and not even tried it yet :roll_eyes:.


New speaker platforms, very pleased as I think the stands are a couple of cm too short.


I have a new vinyl player a Consonance Liu - Bought back from the guy I sold it to quite a few years ago.
Trying it at the moment without the speed control box accessory.


For a change…azimuth looks out :thinking:


Those Consonance arms are stonkingly good, IMHO.


Trying 1960’s smooth plate Telefunkens in my phono stage in place of Mullard ECC83s.


Where did you buy these,i am looking to replace some sovtek ones in my phono stage.Be interesting to hear how you get on.


Too or two short :slight_smile:


I contacted disco (Mike) after seeing this post on AoS.


Thanks for that,will take a look.


The granite platforms have made quite a bit of an improvement, I guess as I am more on axis for the horns. Well worth the money.


The Tascam has settle in a bit more and is now not as bright, obviously needs a bit of a burn in and warm up.

It has been sat in its box for 4 years.


Gato PRD3 moved into my study system, feeding Samuel Johnson PPA100 power amp, into a wee pair of Dalis…


Another jolida dac landed with modwright mods to compare with normal jolida


Must say I like these jolida dacs , I believe Jack at bd supplied this modwright version