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I wonder what happened next …

Here’s a summary from 2000

tl/dr?: Effects not as bad as feared

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Mountain Ash, not an Ash but a Eucalypt. Native to SE Aus and also planned in New Zealand.

19th C examples reached heights of 120m and 10m diameters and are the largest flowering plant. All of these natural Goliaths were forested, some so big the trunks were left to rot as they couldn’t be moved, still there today. Today’s trees top out at 107m and in inaccessible areas whole forests have evolved. In New Zealand’s wet mountainous areas, where forest fires can’t kill the trees, these forests are immense. Each tree can support up to 40 species of birds, mammals and reptiles and hundreds of insect species.

In size, they run a second to the giant redwood, but the redwoods take one to two thousand years to mature. A Mountain Ash will acheive this in 300 years and die back by 600 years.


Reading this

I came across a reference to this which I had never heard of


That Olivia Newton-John’s maternal grandfather was Max Born, co-author of the ‘biblical in its authority’ classical optics textbook Born and Wolf.

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The wife and her two sisters have a bit of a tradition of going over to their mother’s for her birthday - eating, drinking and shooting the breeze. This is a girls-only event.

Today I learned that

  1. Desertfest Antwerp is back on this year
  2. It exactly matches with the dates that the wife will be away

I think I know what I’m doing come mid-October :metal:

Bongripper are playing again too.