Show us your Baps


Yeah the middle one looks like you puked an egg sandwich into a coffee filter


next time you puke scoop it up and Bain Marie it , and then it will look like number 3

Delicious man


Basil and olive oil focaccia to go with lunch


Rye and wholewheat with sun dried tomatoes fougasse


First attempt at making naan (in a pan rather than installing a tandoor).


Couple of semi-rich fruit cakes made this afternoon.


^^ I’ve got a 50kw floor standing boiler to sort next week.

I need to construct a solid base for it to sit on. These look ideal. :slight_smile:


Fucking austerity. They would have been rich fruit cakes before 2008. :rage:


Tory fruits now that’s rich, I’m sure there will be a little bit of nut in there too


Therapeutic pancakes.


83,Town & country club,Kilburn


We’re they supporting Madarse Job lot on her “Getting my baps out” tour?







Quite a productive day on the baking front.
I’ve been meaning to try baking with marge as cakes are supposed to rise more when using it.

Certainly this Victoria sponge came up very well. Very light & fluffy, more so than the butter based version would.

Followed by a couple of semi rich fruit cakes whose mixture had to be hand beaten as my Kenwood suddenly ceased to function.

Certainly the extra rising seems to work but I’m not entirely convinced by the flavour or rather the lack of butteriness. I think I’ll try half & half next time. Maybe it’s just the hint of salt I’m missing.


Hand beating with marge…:wink:


Does Marge go fishing too?


^^^ You forgot the ayethangyew. 6/10.


First go at brioche