Show us your Baps


Making ciappe, Italian rosemary crackers



I am back on to the bread making -Today Brioche.


Looks fantastic.


Today no baps but I made myself a new proving oven slightly larger than my other one so it allows me to prove dough in the bowl direct off the mixer. Also incorporated this time thermostatic control.


Now that is nifty, if I only I had space


Should have used baltic birch ply, new line in open baffle proving boxes.


This new proving oven is proving good. No need to continually watch the temperatures - Though it is a tad slow to heat up initially ( I have ordered a few bits to give a turbo boost at switch on). Todays effort a rye flour bake made up into a cheese and pickle sandwich.


What temperature do you typically set it to?


Retracted when realized it was gimpish -


27 degrees because I read somewhere that is optimal to promote best yeast activity. I have set it to switch back on a 26 degrees and off at 27. The heater is currently an 18W aquarium mat. I have ordered some small 40W bulbs (G9) and ceramic holders to speed the heating up process.


A wholemeal/White loaf - Trying a new tin size. Will try with extra 100g of flour next time to promote better ears


A quick white loaf


My Kenwood stopped working & I haven’t got around to fixing it yet. But I’m also quite enjoying the 10 or so minutes of hand kneading I’m having to do instead. I will fix it for other jobs but I’m not in any great rush.


It’s a good work out, it’s space for me hence the Kenwood is indispensable,. I did try with the magimix it’s bollox , glad I didn’t sell it.


Richard bertinet videos are good to watch for technique


Back on sourdough

I love the cracking sound as it comes out the oven


Another spelt/conventional flour hybrid. I have been adding extra water to these than I would with ordinary bread flour loafs this gives me a looser dough and generally bigger holes really good for toast or mop up bread. I need totry and get myself back on the sourdough in the near future.


Looks good. Thanks for the mixer bowl by the way. Now I just need to get the mixer’s motor running again!


A wholemeal spelt effort - It looks and tastes much nicer in real life - I am being very minimal on the effort shaping after the first proove and knock back


I had a weird one yesterday made my poolish the night before (for a pain naturel) completely forgot to buy some flour in the morning. Fished around and made the loaf with mostly pasta flour and rye and a small amount of bread flour. Surprised it actually looked like a loaf and more surprised it was really delicious,just wish I’d paid more attention to amounts…