Show us your Baps


More Portuguese custard tarts made yesterday. Left in a little longer this time & nicely golden although this picture still makes them look unbaked!


Not sure what the glaze (butter content?) is that makes them go deep brown, but I do like them when they look a little bit caught on the top.


Sort of baking related…


I imagine a little honey/maple syrup painted on the pastry will put some colour/caremelise into the pastry


You need to blowtorch them


Quiche for tom night …I may have a hack at it before the night is through


Do real men eat quiche? :mouse2::thinking:


When it tastes this good I’m a mouse rising from man’s grave


New recipe , sourdough mini boules great for popping out the freezer with soup…it’s autumn you know


Shit, just remembered I meant to get a loaf started this morning. Wankers.


Was interested to see quite a few of them struggling with pizza making on GBBO this week. Some useful tips though as well as some mistakes that I’ve made but that I don’t so much now.


Do you have a recipe for pizza dough, Guy?


I use this one.


This film (from further up the thread) is quite useful.


Cheers, I’ll give it a try :+1:


Worth getting a pizza stone if you don’t have one. Cooks the bottom properly.


I experimented making naan breads with a thick granite chopping board (oven on full blast) and it worked pretty well. Maybe I’ll try that to begin with.


I’m sure it’ll be fine. But do get plenty of surplus semolina flour as it helps get the uncooked pizza off the paddle & onto the stone. Worth watching that middle pizza segment of bake off too.


Yoghurt cake with pistachio.


One out of three ain’t bad