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I’m learning delicacy in the move too,


Yet another spelt sub rolls -This time white


I’ve a bag of Spelt, any particular recipe you’d recommend?


I haven’t been using any formal recipes with spelt just trial and error - All have worked out OK so it seems a flexible flour to use. Spelt is £2 a 1kg bag so I mixed it with Lidl bread flour to reduce the bake cost. The bake above was 5g each of salt brown sugar and yeast then 300g Spelt flour and 200g strong white plus 385g of water mixed for ten minutes. First prove was until it at least doubled in size two hours or so. It’s a very wet mixture that needs quick handling with floured hands and therefore best for mini sized loafs - I have found that spelt is really good for making holey type breads very quickly. So for that reason I recommend you try a ciabatta or baguette.Caution though If you are not using a mixer it might be impossibly wet to kneed by hand so you could try with say 350g of water and maybe add a little flour in process if needed. Also for slightly more authenticity you could swap in 30 or 40 g of olive oil and reduce the water by the same amount.


Claire has been saying she would like a large tin loaf
today a 50/50 White Wholemeal flour loaf. using a total 600g of flour


This is another try. It is basically a version the recipe guy posted 500g of flour 50/50 345g water.
Post prove - Minimal handling before tinning - Care lifting out the proving bowl, four light folds, light roll and drop in the tin. This seems to give better “oven spring” and a tidier looking loaf


Back on sourdough pain naturel, adding a little more water and little more proving time
Just out the oven


Far better than any HCB shenanigans.



This is a large sized loaf 70% spelt flour


50:50 bread flour and pasta flour, left to rise overnight.


I have a load of pasta flour to use - that looks very good.


I’ve done the same a couple times, good rise can be had


It was a bit of an experiment to leave it overnight but the mix is strong enough not to collapse.


A new one for me, a white rye

Made for cheese and pate


You do good work sir :+1:


Olive and parsley focaccia

Now just out the oven waiting for roast chicken


An Aldi bread flour loaf - Very impressed


I’ve been buying their wholemeal rye and trying new recipes, it’s great value

Made some rye walnut and date rings , shaping needs to improve


Quite a flat top. I think I get that when the mix is a little too wet. Looks like it’s risen nicely inside.