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It did flatten and it was wet but it looked OK 20 minutes earlier. I was late putting the oven on so had an additional wait time. This loaf has the best holes for a std bread flour bake I have managed. Very tasty

Just realised I have inserted the wrong photo. I do tend to make mine wet to aid large holes The photo up earlier was a spelt flour loaf easier for large holes-


I recall you’d made a bread proving enclosure. Can you remind me how it was constructed & how you apply heat & control the temperature of it? Our airing cupboard doesn’t work that consistently and nor does the small oven on the side of our rangemaster at its lowest setting. I may need to make something.


Control wise I used a aquarium temp controller
Heating is using a g9 240v 40w halogen bulb and holder ( i have spares you can have FOC don’t buy) This is shielded from direct beam from the bowl. It all heats up from 18c to 25c in 30 minutes

The box is plywood lined with polystyrene made to fit the mixing bowl I use _


These are one of my favourite baked things to eat, bit of work making them but well worth the effort.
Cheese and potatoe soda bread rolls, delicious with a bowl of soup and substantial enough to make it a meal.




Any chance of the recipe ? They look great


Sure, it can be made either with yeast or bicarbonate of soda, the soda version is a bit trickier as time is limited.
yeast version,
500g bread flour
7g dried yeast or 15g fresh
200g cold mashed potato
200 grated strong cheddar
50g butter- salted goat
pinch of salt
350ml tepid milk
mix the flour salt and rub in the butter like a normal loaf, mix the mash and cheddar together then add to the flour. mix well until breadcrumb texture. take a little of the warm milk and add the yeast to activate. make a well in the mixture and add yeast mix then add the rest of the milk and bring together to form dough. if too sticky and flour as you kneed. the kneading is the important part kneed for a good 15 mins until the potato and cheese has completely broken down into the dough, all evidence will have gone and it should look like a standard bread dough. prove till doubled in size then knock out the air with a quick knead, shape into a long sausage the cut into wedge shaped rolls. should do 16-20 depending on size. Prove again then bake for 20-25 mins @ 180c of until nice and brown.
Soda version;
as above except
tsp bicarb instead of yeast
make the flour mix 50/50 standard/strong
buttermilk instead of normal milk and not warmed
Make mixture as before until stage where potato and cheese are mixed in and it resembles breadcrumbs, this time it really needs to be well mixed and as fine as you can get it, don’t forget to add the bicarb to the flour at the start.
make a well and add the buttermilk. from this point on you have limited time as the buttermilk will start the reaction with the bicarb and rising will begin, so make sure baking tray and oven are all ready to go before you start making the dough.
bring the flour mix and buttermilk together to form a dough, turnout onto a sr floured surface and give a quick knead, be quick. Shape as before and put straight into oven, same temp for about the same time.


You put salted goat in your bread :flushed: I thought you were a veggy?

I will report this to your nanny ( @crimsondonkey )


Much appreciated I will post up some results soon


New one for me, cider bread, pleased with the look the proof is in the scoffing


Second attempt at a sourdough using our own starter.


Going mad for the cider loafs


I’m not biting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How would you eat it, by sucking ?


Wash your mouth out with soap and water!


Yup, recipe for that one required.

Also, what are you using for proving, basket wise?


John I use bannettons for proving as below


200g white flour
50 dark rye flour
5g fresh yeast
5g salt
175g water

Mix all together leave for 5 hours covered

In same bowl add
750g white flour
250g dark rye flour
450g dry cider
150g water …mix with cider

Mix all and shape into ball cover rest for 45 mins
Turn out and stretch and fold, cover for 45 mins
Then turn and split dough into two , shape cover and leave for 1.5 hours.get oven to heat to 250c
Turn out loaves, cut lengthways and pop in over for 10mins then turn down to 200 c for 35mins. Done


New sourdough recipe, wasn’t convinced but seems to have turned out. The proof will be in the eggs, morning time…


Trying out different dark rye flours with the cider breads