Show us your Baps


Sunday morning scone making for afternoon tea


Starting making the biga last night, not sure where I went wrong ( on reflection too wet a dough) and the sourdough is slippery than Jovi.

Fucking dough sticking to everything.

There was no shaping for the prove. Turned into a focaccia/ciabatta thing. Not tasted yet but better than waste. The joy is in the mistakes one makes.


And out

I will it then thinly slice in had and stuff with Mediterranean things


We currently have no functioning oven, so any home made bread is just bread machine stuff. The Wench did at least manage to get a sourdough-ish loaf to work in it, which was nice,

If only we lived in a country that had decent bread available :joy:


Couldn’t give a stuff what it was called John, it looked feckin delish! :heart_eyes:


To be fair it was, stuffed with mortadella and stuff…

It’s spurred me on

I’m gonna have a crack at some ciabatta next weekend, this weekend is anfield and a stinker of a hangover


I have been back on the bread making for the last few months.
The new oven is taking some getting used to.


Looks pretty impressive (and tasty) Andy


Thanks - Today is baps


More Rolls this time wholemeal


Both of the above look fantastic Andy.

I bet they taste even better !


Ciabatta try

No 1 it’s easy
No 2 it’s a faff
No 3 its hifi

I’m aiming to bring a couple to lollipopwell


number 3 :grinning:


Number 4. Stronzetto glue


Sometimes resistance is futile


Shaping …yes
Taste …a little more salt

There will be more


Any chance you could bring a Ciabatta to Lopwell for the olive oil tasting ?


No knead bread - Seriously simple
Made in a single Tupperware container baked on a tray less than 5 mins of work total


Any chance of the recipe Andy?


Why make it then? :grin:


Something’s wong here