Show us your Baps


Here it is


Excellent, will try that



Back on sourdough practice for lopwell


Red grape and fennel seed focaccia

And baked then sliced in thirds

To go with roast chicken and salad


Trying this today, made the dough yesterday and it will be going in the oven in about half an hour. Pics will follow. Fingers crossed!


Well, it tastes lovely. Maybe a tad heavy, but certainly enough potential there to give it another crack.


Pizza to the Lopwell recipe. Passata, parmesan, chilli flakes, chorizo, mozarella & basil.


Those Lopwell pizzas are the best i’ve had


Looks great :yum: Did you use the stainless steel jobbie you brought to Lopwell last year Guy?


What is a SS jobbie?



It was something like this


No, that one belongs to Matt. I just used the conventional oven.

I would like to get (or make) a decent pizza oven that could get to 4-500 degrees C


These guys are good…

…and just up the road from me. I am seriously considering one.


I want something that I can use inside.
This looks quite good


The key with all of them is how hot they can get. Very hot requires a lot of insulation.


Yes anything over 350C is good :+1:
Which that one apparently does, also just plugs into a 13amp socket.


At £360 I’m very tempted to press the buy it now button. I’ll have a few beers while I think about it.


It’s as good as bought then :grin:


That’s the plan :+1: Guilt free purchase :grinning: