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Do they do a gas one?


Jim Does :tired_face:


Gas ? GAS ???

Who the fuck would use gas ?



I’d say it’s gone full circle, but the Lopwell pizzas were never that shape :heart_eyes:


I have heard very good things about the roccbox

And when I have a bit more loot is something I would consider


It’s both wood and gas options


First attempt at Neopolitan pizza dough.

Turned out very well, don’t know if it is the flour (I’ve used Caputo 00 red bag before but never the Caputo 00 pizzeria stuff as it is only available in 25kg sacks) or the method but this is the easiest dough to hand stretch I’ve made.

Beautifully crisp, light and with the chew I’ve always struggled to recreate at home.


I think that if I could make really good pizza at home I’d get to 25 stone within six months!


Meanwhile, we made pizza with KettleJnr. Slightly less authentic…


I’ll have the top half please…


Does it stay put when stretched then? I still have great difficulty with that part of the process. My dough is always still too elastic.


Only time you’ve said that


Yes it does, that was the problem I always had the dough springing back. You can even stretch this one with the toppings in place.
I’ve got 25 kg of this flour so I’ll make some 1kg bags and bring you some to Lopwell North, I’ll bring some for @Stepmotheratomicbomb as well cause he seems to have some real baking skills.
Plus anyone else that wants some.


That’s really kind, and yes definitely I’m looking forward to trying it, like guy it’s the stretch back versus over prove. Over proving does seem to relax the gluten but more likely to tear

Though I think the key is getting in the oven quick enough ,

I will post my efforts.


No problem, this dough was wonderful to handle, no tears, no pull back no rush to the oven, easy to get on the pizza peel and a fantastic texture when cooked.


Can you explain what should be happening? You mix & then knead the dough for 10 minutes. It becomes smoother but elastic. You let it rise for an hour or two & then knock the air out of it but it still seems springy. What do you mean by over prove? I do know that if you resort to rolling it flat to get the stretch the texture is all wrong. Is it really just down to the flour? I’m using 00.


What type of 00, the guy this morning explained to me that the flour is important because of the protein content, the 00 is the fineness of flour. Apparently Caputo are very guarded about the flour used for their pizzeria flour, he didn’t know what makes it different from Caputo red bag which is an Italian 00 bread flour (also used for pizza) but he said its easier to work than the red. Having used red before and still struggled with spring back I cant argue with him.
I have to say though the method for making this dough is not one I’ve come across before. I think that has something to do with it. I will post up the recipe and method in a bit.




OK, Pizza dough recipe and method.
500ml Acqua Panna (still Pellegrino) I used Buxton
5g fresh yeast
10 g ex v olive oil, yes g not ml
900g flour, separated into 600g and 300g
27g sea salt,
get a large bowl and pour in the water, water should be room temp.
Add the salt and stir until dissolved.
Add the olive oil and stir.
Add the yeast and dissolve, squish with fingers while adding, helps it dissolve quicker.
slowly add the 600g of flour (keep the 300g back)
mix in the bowl until it’s forming a dough, it will be wet and sticky at this point but all ingredients should be well combined.
Tip the dough onto your work surface and start adding the remaining 300g of flour, mix this flour in by kneading the dough and adding the flour as you go,
continue kneading for 15/20 mins until a lovely smooth dough is formed and all the sticky dough has gone from your hands and worksurface.
form the dough into a nice dome and cover with a well damped cloth or tea towel, tuck it slightly under the dough and make sure there is no air pockets between the cloth and dough then leave it to rest for an hour.
Remove the cloth gently, peeling it back from the dough slowly then pull the dough from the round into a sausage shape, from this sausage you are aiming to make 6 dough balls, I cut my sausage into six but the chef at the restaurant shaped each dough ball off the end as he went along. Make nice smooth dough balls, try not to do what I did when there and tuck your dough under, leaving a smooth top but like a cats arse underneath rather smooth the dough over and twist and pinch to create an almost completely smooth ball. (hope that bit makes sense)
Place the balls evenly on a tray leaving a good 3cm space between balls, flatten slightly, just slightly and lightly sprinkle with a little flour, cover completely with cling film and leave for a minimum of 5 hours to rest.

When you are ready to make pizza uncover gently, he kept telling me gently, gently, and take off the tray, use a slice or dough blade to gently lift the dough ball from the tray don’t grab it by hand, you want to retain the nice ball shape. Place on a well floured work surface push down in the middle and off you go. use one hand to hold the centre and stretch out with the other. If like Guy and myself you have tried doing this with a Jamie Twoliver or bread dough recipe and struggled cause its like elastic this dough will be a revelation.


P.S while the dough is resting it does not need to be somewhere warm like bread. The dough balls wont rise as such but they will spread a little so they are just about touching on the tray.


That is Caputo blue another flour again, apparently best suited to cakes, the Pizza one only comes in 25kg sacks