Show us your Baps


Sorry. Didn’t look close enough.


Yes please!


Caputo is a bit like Heinz. Lots of different types.


In future we may need to do group buys & divide. 25 Kg would last me more than a year probably 2!




I’m gonna try that recipe and method with some obtainable flour and see how it turns out. I want to know if it is the process or the flour.


My starter died over the summer holidays and I’ve just been too busy with the extension to make bread in free time.

This stopped three days ago new starter looking strong, all being well sourdough Sunday


I started one on Monday. It bubbled up nicely & was in danger of bursting out so I just gave it a stir. Will let it rise again & then feed it more.

Doves organic Rye flour & water. Seems to go well.


Same flour though the first days flour was a dark rye stoneground. Just to try something different more than anything else. I’m going try and have two on the go this time


First time I’ve tried it so it’ll be a steep learning curve I imagine.


The thing I’ve found is to make sure you refresh at least half, or if you don’t bake that week launch half and if you leave it longer than a week to feed launch two thirds and then feed.

Mine only died because I got caught up in the extension and was not baking.
I was gutted.

Oh and I used a bigger jar this time as they can suddenly get active and overflow


Ha! Mine did that last night. Moved it into a pint glass today & fed it a little more.


I managed a loaf today. Mixed up spelt and white flours. We have decided that homemade is worthwhile.
So hopefully I will start up bread making on a regular basis again.


Back on it myself with the new starter, turned out better than the last.
Shaping is all, spent double the time I usually do.


I have a starter going now but currently in the fridge. What procedure do you use in waking it up & then including it in a bake? What’s the recipe for making loaves like the above


The morning before bake, feed and hopefully it rises before 9pm, make the poolish that night and start the mix on the morning. Unless the house is warm the timings can stretch a bit.

Today’s I mixed the poolish last night 10pm, started mixing the flour to it at 1pm.
This is the link for the above recipe.


I generally take it out the fridge in the morning every week and feed even if not baking. As long as it rises you can keep chucking away equal amounts that are put in


I made my usual two loaves today, but today’s are the best yet. Good flavour good crust etc etc. It’s strange that all measurements have remained pretty much constant, the only thing I’ve changed is the shaping,. I’m amazed this makes the difference.
It’s just bread but tonight I could have done a loaf


Why, when the distance between the crust and the centre, and relevant distance from the heating elements and the crust, vary according to shape ?

Have you learnt nothing :roll_eyes:


I’m just thick as two slices, too much bean an’ egg