Show us your Baps




Some bread baked this week


Just pulled these malted stoneground numbers out.

New recipe for me


Made both a regular brown loaf and an experimental set of brown flour brioche rolls in the last few days. Didn’t quite nail either of them to the point I was really happy, but both certainly still edible. The brioche probably just needs to be cooked slightly less and formed into a flatter, wider shape than I did. Will then be perfect for burgers I think.

Following some advice in the River Cottage Bread book, I stuck the brioche dough in the fridge overnight to do its rising, and it makes working with it to form the buns so much easier. Might have to try it with the hot cross buns next Easter, as they were a fucker to work with.


Here you go… Lots of faff but then that’s half the pleasure


I’m liking these organic stoneground malt loaves


Some rolls today - I plan on starting a a sourdough loaf, perhaps a pain rustique tonight.
And thanks for the sourdough yeast John


As promised a sourdough “pain rustique”


Looks good Andy . I’m glad it lived


Apricot couronne.


I am still managing with sourdough yeast. Thanks John.
Today a Pain rustique.


Coupla 100% spelt loaves


Dark rye 80% white 20%
65% hydration


A couple of my usual multi grain loaves raised with Doves yeast.

I binned off my sourdough culture. Must raise the enthusiasm to try that again at some point.


Starting to get good split kipper crust.


They look delicious.


Todays efforts one sourdough and one instant yeast did not rise as much as normal.
But Im sure they will be fine to eat


I really need to get back to baking more bread (and seriously upping my bread making game too to match you lot).


Another sourdough - I really need to organise a way to make two or three at a time to reduce the faff factor. I’m thinking about building myself a front opening three level proving oven.


I haven’t looked in on this thread for ages… Jesus, you lot are on it! Respect. I want to get in on the sourdough thing.