Show us your Baps


Same here. I had a whole era when I baked loads, and really had a loaf I’d perfected, but then change of house, time-period, oven etc, and it slipped by the wayside. Seeing what people are doing is inspiring.



Really looking the bomb now andy



Devon bread news update - A new three tier proofing oven just built - Designed to fit in the bottom of the larder. First batch of poolish is now in overnight. Some additional insulation and maybe a adding a fan for better circulation may feature later.

There is a door and wheels



I’m still amazed that @Wayward hasn’t got into bread making. Maximum faff potential is strong.

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Me too, I am expecting him to enter the fray sooner or later.



I’ll never make a Baker; please see my mince pies for confirmation :+1:



Master baker. I think that’s how you spell it. :smile:



Some fiddling is better than others :grin:



Harsh, They were a decent effort.




They’re only medium rare compared to @Wayward’s efforts



True, difficult to take a pic of his without a welder’s visor in front of the lens.



Three in a row - Mostly successful top one rose too much and hit the oven elements

Also I’m a basket short.

I do have two new round bannetons incoming though



Have you been taking lessons from @Wayward’s mince pies efforts?



Making Pizza with the proper flour. Paul’s method

Dough recipe

500ml Acqua Panna (still Pellegrino) I used Buxton
5g fresh yeast
10 g ex v olive oil, yes g not ml
900g flour, separated into 600g and 300g
27g sea salt,
get a large bowl and pour in the water, water should be room temp.
Add the salt and stir until dissolved.
Add the olive oil and stir.
Add the yeast and dissolve, squish with fingers while adding, helps it dissolve quicker.
slowly add the 600g of flour (keep the 300g back)
mix in the bowl until it’s forming a dough, it will be wet and sticky at this point but all ingredients should be well combined.
Tip the dough onto your work surface and start adding the remaining 300g of flour, mix this flour in by kneading the dough and adding the flour as you go,
continue kneading for 15/20 mins until a lovely smooth dough is formed and all the sticky dough has gone from your hands and worksurface.
form the dough into a nice dome and cover with a well damped cloth or tea towel, tuck it slightly under the dough and make sure there is no air pockets between the cloth and dough then leave it to rest for an hour.
Remove the cloth gently, peeling it back from the dough slowly then pull the dough from the round into a sausage shape, from this sausage you are aiming to make 6 dough balls, I cut my sausage into six but the chef at the restaurant shaped each dough ball off the end as he went along. Make nice smooth dough balls, try not to do what I did when there and tuck your dough under, leaving a smooth top but like a cats arse underneath rather smooth the dough over and twist and pinch to create an almost completely smooth ball. (hope that bit makes sense)
Place the balls evenly on a tray leaving a good 3cm space between balls, flatten slightly, just slightly and lightly sprinkle with a little flour, cover completely with cling film and leave for a minimum of 5 hours to rest.

When you are ready to make pizza uncover gently, he kept telling me gently, gently, and take off the tray, use a slice or dough blade to gently lift the dough ball from the tray don’t grab it by hand, you want to retain the nice ball shape. Place on a well floured work surface push down in the middle and off you go. use one hand to hold the centre and stretch out with the other.



For chip butties tonight.



Instant yeast today because I forgot to start last night



The pizza recipe above specifies fresh yeast. I used Doves & I don’t think 5g was enough. Is fresh yeast that much more potent? Normally for that amount of dough (1 Kg) I’d be putting 10-15g in.



I know when brewing I make a “starter”, building it up over 7-10 days. Thus getting sufficient numbers of live cells per litre of Wort to achieve an “unstressed” fermentation.

Does the same apply to to baking ?



As a rough guide I use 10 g of fast fast per 1kg dough and I double it if using fresh yeast



I used to get the fresh from Sainsbury’s bakery but last time they wanted to charge for it. Which is fair enough but when you have been getting it for free…