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I force fed Jim, Ritchie & Pete with lumps of stone encrusted roughage this weekend. I don’t think any of them have died yet & the purge may actually have done Pete some good after last week’s carnivorous excess. :grinning:


Really enjoyed the bread Guy and was surprised at how light it is.


For Xmas I had a surprise bread based item from my son - A silicone bowl/tin to mix prove weigh and cook all in the same item - I had never heard of it before, minimal washing up. Just up my street . It was more effort kneading by hand than the kenwood but it turns out a nice looking loaf a very consistent golden colour, top gadget. It’s a bit of a mons venus loaf as the gash was a 100% natural one




The second of my sourdough career, this one turned out nicer than the first, still need to practice my nip and tuck


@murrayjohnson. Guy have you still got a copy of your loaf mix, I think it got lost in the fire.

PM or repost and I’ll put in my notebook



Lady Hilaria’s Wholemeal Loaf
Cotehele Mill, which produces its own wholemeal flour, nestles on the edge of the Tamar, a mile away from the Cotehele estate, home to the Edgcumbe family for centuries. This is the recipe still used by Lady Hilaria, the daughter of the 6th Earl.

275g stoneground wholemeal flour
175g organic strong white flour
25g butter
5g salt
10mg fast-acting dried yeast
15ml oat bran
5ml dark brown sugar
5ml black treacle
345ml warm water
10mg sesame seeds

Mix all dry ingredients (except sugar and yeast) in a large mixing bowl. Rub in the butter and then mix in the dry yeast.

Stir the treacle and sugar into warm water Make a well in the middle of the bowl of ingredients and pour in the liquid. Knead for at least 10 minutes.

Place the elasticated, smooth dough on to a floured board. Pummel out the air, shape and divide. Place into greased loaf tin(s), cover and put in a warm place till double their size (about an hour). Ten minutes before the end of this process, sprinkle on the sesame seeds and brush with milk.

Cook in a preheated oven for approximately 35-40 minutes: the bottom of the leaf should sound hollow when tapped. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

Double up on the quantities to make 2 loaves & put one in the freezer for a few days if need be.

It does make a nice wholemeal loaf although I prefer the granary one I make with this Sainsburys taste the Difference Multi Grain flour. (instructions on the packet)


Thanks guy I’ll post my efforts soon


35-40 minutes sounds too long to me if the oven is at 220-230C. Half an hour should be enough but keep an eye on it.


Funnily enough I was wondering that. And I couldn’t see an oven temp in the recipe.


Today’s loaf, basic white


That looks very professional indeed


Thanks, the nip and tuck is getting better, seemingly a key to good looks…


One of guys seeded loafs, tastes great


Looks great. Shame about the poor old 1210 underneath it though!


Or as they would call it on AoS a “1210 upgrade platter.”


Slow start to 2017 - This years first loaves


They look great Andy :+1:


Thanks Jim


Out of interest what are you standing these loaves on when baking? A flat tray & parchment?

I haven’t deviated from the loaf tins yet partly because it seems to result in fewer odd shaped crusty bits at the end.

Inspired by Rick Stein in Berlin on TV this week I’m making the apple cake today. Pictures shortly when it comes out of the oven.