Show us your Baps


Yes I use baking trays with silicone parchment


My life is so rock n roll these days,that i enjoy watching things like this;


I’ve been enjoying his long weekend thing this week :+1:


Two issues with the applecake.
It probably could’ve been in a little longer & perhaps might have risen a little more although a skewer put into it was coming out clean and it had been in over an hour.

I had to use a mix of dark muscovado sugar cut with caster sugar for the sprinkle on top as had no demerara. The brownness is actually that & mostly cinnamon.

It does taste rather good though with some extra thick double cream.

Despite looking like dough in this pic, it is actually a sponge!


I use a couple of pizza stones heated up for 45 mins, then slide them in off the peel


Pain naturel sourdough numbers


Must get back to making bread. I found it very therapeutic (for want of a different word) to get up early and bake. The kneading is a great way to work yourself into the day.


Recently I have been experimenting with smaller loafs by making three loaves from a two loaf mixture.
plus I have been letting the tops get black for a better crust.


Andy are you just leaving them in longer and/or reducing the temp ?

First go at sourdough pizza tonight I’ll post results if I get time without them being scoff

As soon as they came out the oven they were scoffed, right good too for minimum effort, need to learn how. To spin pizza dough now


Here are my first baps, poolish style


Same temp but blacker on the outside


Due the my diet I have cut back on bread -Here is bake number 122 -Also need to report that the Kenwood
stopped working after my last mix and is now broke - So have resorted to using my wifes kitchen aid mixer.

I do have a spare Kenwood but I will see how I get on with the Kitchen aid



Wouldn’t kneading it by hand be good exercise Andy?

,just saying like :grin:


Shame you are not nearer, I could volunteer to help with your diet.

Must be hard to resist hot rolls straight out of the oven :heart_eyes:


I failed - 2 cheese and lettuce rolls for lunch 716 cals
It’s pub night as well

Yes should have done them by hand


You never see cottage loaves these days


Naan bread final rest to go with a Navajo venison stew…


Didn’t he play for Liverpool in the mid 90s?



I’m sure you’re right. Linked up well with Nigel Snackman IIRC

I’m off…