Show us your Baps


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was under the impression that it was Steve Pieway that formed the other half of the Breadly Duo.



2 of sourdough pain naturel, the shape is now looking better and it’s true practice practice


Made this the other day, absolutely delicious next day

Cauliflower cake as per ottenlenghi


Cauliflower cake looks lovely


Really nice and savoury. Not for the serious abbattoirist mind …

One for Olga @crimsondonkey


Looks like it would be a great side to a rare steak :+1:


Oreo’s get the home made half term treatment… thread merge diet and fitness.errr no


Couple of semi rich fruit cakes about to be covered & put in the oven.

The recipe calls for some mixed spice (1 tsp per cake) but I sometimes make up my own with a bit of cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, ground coriander etc. Gives the mix a yellow tint but tastes nice when done.


Begone, Satan :cross:


The coriander content was minimal to be fair.

One of the cakes with 2 of the usual multigrain loaves

Half gone!


That cake looks lush :heart_eyes:


This dip is the nuts…

Feta and pistachio dip

To go with it some fresh made sun-dried tomatoes fougasse


Had a couple of slices of this yesterday,bloody lovely.


Rolls made with durum wheat flour and olive oil.


New one for me, khorasan flour and rye.

Quite dense but really nice and nutty without the nuts :joy:


Another batch of 12 chocolate muffins. I should just sell these & retire really. Buy an island or something.


Very nice too!

What are those strange looking things in the background?


Some sort of decorative items I guess. I didn’t put them there so don’t really know!


Given their spherical shape I’m assuming they’re some sort of sports equipment. Tennis ball maybe?


Yes, yes, tennis balls, but there’s some boomerangy shaped things and I haven’t got a monkeys what they are for?