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Fixt :+1:


Lol, have you seen the recipe? Even my spoon put on weight. Started as a dessert spoon and ended up a tablespoon.


Going to try this on Sunday :+1:


Due to me being on a diet I have not been generally making bread.
But I did have a go at some buns.


I’m still baking and I’m not getting any thinner


Finally got around to buying a pizza stone this morning. Been faffing about with various tin baking trays up til now.

Fantastic results even in a conventional oven. Will have to try it in the Weber.





Not much of the 2 left. It’s a basic margherita with parmesan, blobs of mozarella, basil leaves and a few bits of chorizo.

But based on this.


Victoria sponge with home made lemon curd filling.


Sponge looks very good


Tastes really good too.


A nice Victoria sponge cake is one of my favourites


I’ve not made one before but it was surprisingly simple.


A couple of wholewheat and rye blends with a mixed nut and oat topping


Another Vicky sponge this time with blackcurrant jam.


Any cream?


There will be.


Couple pain naturels straight out the oven


Some fougasse for a bbq on the river dart, to go with amongst other things feta and pistachio dip