Hope your Mum gets the proper attention she deserves Chris.

Dread to think what would be the current state would be if it was just left to her GP.

GWS Ólan

That’s a shocker. Puts my grumbling about being on an A&E trolley into place. I hope your Mum is ok.

Meanwhile I’m in a new hospital. There is a room in A&E that you can’t get a trolley or a bed into. The corridors are all too narrow so getting around is stupidly difficult. Oh, you don’t get dinner in A&E either. Processed sandwiches and crisps? No thanks….

That’s terrible, hope your mum gets better treatment from now on.

That’s shit. Obviously hope all end ok.

Can she change GP?

If you feel like banging your head against a brick wall you could always write to the governing body and accuse the GP of incompetence. Ranks would close quicker than a Roman legion in a German forest.

I want her to ask for a different GP but she doesn’t want to make a fuss :roll_eyes:

GWS Olan

Hope everything clears up quickly for you Olan, gws.

Get well soon Olan. Hope it clears quickly.

Best wishes Olaf, get well soon.

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Hope it all improves & you can get home soon.

Sorry to hear that Olan hope you feeling better soon.

That all sounds deeply unpleasant. I hope things improve Olan and that you get back home soon. Fingers crossed for you.

Rest up and get well soon.

Just been moved from A&E to a room on a ward. All I need is a remote control for my TV and I am all set. Things are looking up.


Went to see lump on head man today about the cyst,turns out it’s not a cyst but a Lipoma.
Good news is he said he can do it where the last two have said it would need skin grafts etc.
Was hoping he was going to do it today,but hopefully can sort it very soon


Excellent news. Screwfix have an offer on.


Out by Xmas :+1:.


The Lipoma is already making its own plans and has booked a winter break in the Algarve.

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