Sorry to hear that. Hope you improve soon.


Sorry to read this, it sounds fucking awful. Hope it calms down soon.


That sounds appalling Adam, hope it settles down quickly.


All the best for a very quick flare down.


Get well fella. If your fatigue is related to your immune system going haywire then maybe ask your GP if you need a flu jab this winter. When you’re up to it.


Hope it eases off soon :+1:


Hope it gets back under control soon Adam.


Best wishes with Lou, Paul and Adam - sorry guys had a busy weekend in work and missed your original posts.


May the better half win, Adam, and quickly


Yeah just had that on Saturday, fucked me up for a day, always does!


Me, Claire and Ellie are all off sick today. High temperatures, hacking coughs and generally feeling really shitty.

Annoyingly, Lauren was up bright and early, being malevolently cheerful and Tiggerish and all healthy and stuff. Little cow.


Heart warming stuff :+1:


Contagion. Even as a young person she must realise she’s on borrowed time …

Sympathies for your poorlinesses by the way. Have any of you been flu-jabbed ?



No Graeme, we haven’t. Must get around to it.


Today is my twenty-first sober day. I’m slightly shocked I’ve gone three weeks without a drink and I’ll be flabbergasted if I can chalk up a month.

The one day at a time approach does seem to work best.


There are a number of unpleasant aspects to my disease, but there was one I’d mostly forgotten about until recently.

My disease expresses itself via the immune system, specifically certain white blood cells, attacking the zone between the top and middle layers of the skin. Normally it’s so suppressed by the drugs I’m on that there’s just a few patches of pink, inflamed skin.

During a flare-up, however, the attack becomes more intense. The skin loses its structural integrity, forming blisters. Unfortunately, these blisters are full of the dead white blood cells that have caused the problem. Basically, pus. It fucking stinks.

This flare-up has the additional issue of being focused around my armpits. Despite having a bath daily, I can’t effectively wash - most washing systems involve removing dirty skin, and any skin removal would expose a few dozen square inches of red-raw basement layer skin (and nerve endings!)

So I’m in a combination of discomfort and pain, and I stink of pus and BO. It’s my anniversary, and let’s just say that I don’t think I’ll be making any requests for conjugal favours from the wife!

The main positive thing I can say is that I’m not actually terribly bothered by it any more. It’s easy to see how people can get depressed by long term conditions, but I have reached a point of acceptance with it. I actually prefer my life now to when I was healthy (mainly because I’m given loads of money for free, obviously). So don’t read the above in too negative a way - maybe see it as a warning to take out insurance, and only agree to meet me if I’m wearing at least three layers of clothing :slight_smile:


You didn’t smell any worse than usual when we last met Adam :smile:


It sounds awful Adam but it might be worth trying Dermol 200 for washing. It’s a non soap cleanser and anti-bacterial. Available either on prescription or over the counter.


Was going to post the Nurse in Marigolds clip from the Singing Detective but maybe not!


Following the disappointment of yesterday I emailed the consultant to ask if nothing could be done for Lou sooner. It appears to have produced a result in that the surgeon came to see her and is going to keep her in until they perform the op in the next week or two.

Bitter sweet success really. He told her that it was a huge operation the survival rates were 80%-90% so it’s going to be a very worrying time until she gets this behind her. Those odds are not good to hear, we just have to hope.