Good luck, like with most medical things, the quicker it’s done the better the chance of a good result.


I’m keeping the positive thoughts going


At least they’re getting on with it. Fingers crossed for the best.


Good luck.


All our best wishes, are with you both.


All the best to you both,good to hear they are bringing it forward


Yeah fingers crossed, and very best wishes to you both.


Yes, all the best to you both.

At least by staying in hospital Lou will be as well prepared as it is possible to be for the op. Can’t be a bad thing.


Surgeons are pessimistic bastards IME (and I worked with 'em for 5 years), it’s all about expectation management.
You did the right thing - modern NHS is all about the chick that cheeps the loudest getting all the worms…
Fingers crossed for the right outcome for you both. Mental attitude is everything, so it goes without saying that you need to keep your own worries on here and nowhere near the hospital - you’ll be Lou’s rock.


I hope everything goes well. Good luck to you both.


Best wishes to both of you. Hope everything turns out well.


I’m sure you’ve done a lot of soul searching on this. Feel free to ignore what I’m about to say, it’s said from hundreds of miles away without the emotional and physical proximity that you have.

There is a 10-20% chance that Lou will die during the operation. You have the choice of whether to have the operation asap, or within a few weeks. Is there anything that she (and you) would like to do or see, that could be fitted in to those few weeks, and that she would be able to do in her condition?

We’re not very good at dealing with death and its proximity in our culture. Sometimes it’s best to accept that it could actually happen soon, and see if that changes any decisions. I’m certainly not suggesting eschewing all treatment and going on some absurd final hoorah, but if those few weeks could be filled with something the two of you both dearly want, and it would make no difference to her outcome, then it could be worth considering.

I wish you both the best :cry:


Hard to read that really, but true enough.

I’m sure she/we could think of something, but the op could happen in days. Furthermore the surgeon wants her in the hospital for observation and also in case a slot suddenly becomes available.


I would remain focused on the 90% (but plan for the 10%).


My thoughts are with you and lou. Positivity can always seem easy to say but it’s the only way


Again, good luck and best wishes to you both Paul.

As soon as you know when Lou’s op is, let us know and we will all be sure to keep you company and help keep your mind off things as well as we can.

I for one am personally compiling a compendium of Sunderland quips for you. :slight_smile:

Keep on keeping on wor kid.


Isn’t thinking about Sunderland gonna make him feel worse?


Not likely. They are on the up with Chris Coleman, whilst the Toon are floundering. Benitez oot.


FTM, as a very good friend of mine would say :grin::grin:


All the very best Paul. We’ll have all our bits crossed here :+1:.