Best wishes to both of you & here’s hoping for a satisfactory outcome when the tests are completed.


Have a great break Paul, all the best to you and Lou, enjoy this Christmas.
Pick things up again in the new year.


Don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said above. :frowning_face:

Just make the most of the next few weeks, and enjoy each others company mate, best wishes to the both of you.


Best wishes in what must be a very stressful time for you both and as everybody else says - get the fire on and feet up and just enjoy Christmas as much as you can.


Hey Paul, I hope you have a good time together over the next few days. Its a horrible upheaval the rest of it but at least you have her home. :blush:


Bet you, Maddie, and Hildur are delighted to have Lou home again.

Best of luck with doing the catering to Lou’s standards!

Best wishes to both of you, and for a better 2018.


It appears that my disease flare-up is coming to an end. Which is good, except for the month of steroid reduction, which means I’ll feel grotty for most of that time. Bah.


Did you have a flare up on Nov 5th and New Year’s Eve?


You’ll have to make a regular habit of immersing yourself in ice cold, green water. Obviously doing you good.


According to the Doc. my vertigo has been caused by a viral throat infection. He reckons it will just go away with time. The prochlorperazine seems to be helping with the nausea but the dizzy thing is still a real twat.


There must be a bit of it about, I’ve been feeling similar the last three days, the first day I thought it was because the night crossing was a bit choppy, but I still have it now as well as a headcold…
The nausea comes and goes but the slightly out of body experience is not funny


Did the doc also tell you to stop spinning around in the garden with your arms out straight until you make yourself sick?


No, but at least you posted the question in the correct thread this time :roll_eyes:


I used to suffer from vertigo quite a bit but for some reason, in the last few years it has gone away. It isn’t funny! It would quite often come on with an ear/throat infection but sometimes it would start from nowhere. I am very thankful for a respite from it.


day 10 of man flu here - blocked sinuses and ears. Minor amounts of dizziness. Now producing the most amazing bright yellow snot.


I had forgotten how deeply unpleasant it is to drop steroid dosage. It’s a delightful combination of pain, fatigue, insomnia and rage. Lovely.


Basic requirements for AA membership.


Aaaaaand another forum tagline writes itself.


Had an in-growing toe nail removed yesterday. Fucking hurts a lot this morning


did you have a full ablation?, last time mine was done under general anaesthetic and I ended up with 4 stiches either side. Was on crutches for about a week, as I burst the stiches open by putting my weight on the foot.