Thankfully no, just a partial scrape and removal of a nail hook that had grown in to the skin. The hook had caused a corn and that had to be removed as well. Plenty of digging with the scalpel which, I think, is what’s causing the pain now - plenty of exposed skin where it shouldn’t be exposed/


I’ve had one toe does once with a simple procedure, on the other when the infection got so serious, I was in danger of losing the toe, the surgery got pretty horrible - really painful for about a week. These days i have no feeling in the toe - a car good drive over it and I wouldn’t know.

I hope you are pain free soon.


Thanks, so do I


You brave, brave man. :rofl:


After 72 days sober I fell off and it’s only fair I admit this. I really needed to check my head out for a few hours - had I had a lump of Afghan Hashish I would have gone with this but they don’t sell Afghanistan’s best export in my local Co-Op so a couple of bottles of red it was.

The following day I had a shit hangover and loss of memory. Bit annoyed with myself and wondered how I ever used to cope day-to-day with being a professional piss head.

I’m back on the sober now and the clock starts again. Alcohol is overrated anyway. :smiley:


Sounds like a blip mate - and one that might do more good than harm given it’s reminded you why you got on that wagon to start with - keep at it :+1:


Yep, mount up again and off you go. The odd fall is perfectly OK.


I think you’re exactly right Paul. A blip was always going to happen, out of nostalgia or curiosity or something else, and now I’ve got it out the way I feel it’s less likely to happen again. Keepin’ at it, yep.


A visit to the neurologist today and they have scheduled in another brain scan (yeah yeah yeah), another nerve conduction test and are now threatening a nerve biopsy. In that they cut out a bit of nerve that goes to the outer part of the foot. And you never have feeling there again. Nice.


Cunty google ads has clearly worked out that I’m asthmatic

Hmmmm…targeted fear-based advertising


Love to see its targeted response for a rectal abscess.




More like the guy that crams the not-strong-enough jar up there with catastrophic results…


Hopefully my tooth saga is in it’s final stages.
Stupid lower wisdom teeth grew in sideways so were removed 20 odd years ago. Didn’t realise at the time but oral surgeon managed to crack 2 teeth during the extraction. One seemed to recover and is still going strong the other has given me gyp over the intervening years. Every few years an abscess would flare up and drilling, antiseptic and antibiotics were given. Eventually a root canal was performed with no anaesthetic due to the tooth being a gnarly mutant cunt with many roots. A few weeks after this the fucker cracked in two. Nothing for it but to have the bastard yanked which felt like the dentist was tipping my jaw off thanks to the aforementioned multiple roots. Hats off to the guy he got all of it out and it was an ugly fucker.
Now have a gaping hole in my gob and the prospect of dentures a bridge or implants. Yay. More fecking money.


Teeth - proof that God really doesn’t give a shit


Go for implants, a bridge is old money technology and will damage your teeth either side and will cost nearly as much and fuck up. Dentures are the cheapest, but after two weeks you will book implants.


I failed my DWP medical, so that’s another year or two of free money.


So, the 18 pints you had the night before worked then :wink:


The Daniel Sturridge of accountancy.


You just don’t understand how taxing double entry book keeping is :nerd_face: