Go for implants, a bridge is old money technology and will damage your teeth either side and will cost nearly as much and fuck up. Dentures are the cheapest, but after two weeks you will book implants.

This is pretty much what everyone is telling me - and after reading up on it where i’ll probably end up. My brother in law has just spent an obscene amount of money on 4 or 5 of the things but he looked like he’d done several rounds with mike tyson afterwards (looks ok now though) so i’m willing to live with the hole until it pisses me off too much.


You will have a temp denture while the work is done if it’s front teeth. I had 3 done last year and it cost £6,100 at the time (small discount for up front payment). Lots of places now do ‘easy payment’ options.

Really happy with mine tbh. I will have to have another some time in the next 5 years.

It’s actually a lot less painful and evasive than root filling.

  1. Have them done in the UK by somebody who does them all the time.
  2. It took about six months to complete mine, as two were done then the third done later (growth stuff was needed as I have double roots and deep roots).
  3. You will need to have them checked at the time you get your other teeth seen too.
  4. It works better if the tooth root is still there.


Yeah there are cheap foreign ones but i don’t fancy waking up with tits just because the guy was doing boobs that day.
I only need one (at the moment) it’s a back molar( missing lower wisdom, cracked but soldiering on molar, missing molar to be replaced, other teeth round the front) and the whole tooth including root was removed.
I’m looking at prices and they seem to vary wildly from the just over a grand up to 3k+ so i’m guessing it’ll be a 2k job and as you say there are interest free options.
The thing is I can think of a lot better things to spend the money on and just chew on the other side for now.


The more you leave it the worse it will get.

  1. The teeth either side of the gap tend to fail after time.
  2. The gum / bone shrinks if there is no tooth there.

Don’t wait too long.

I used Kiss Dental in Altrincham, I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Bit of a bumper day out in London for me. Ophthalmologist at 11, just had an MRI and got an appointment with my main consultant and his team at 4.15. Best find a café…


Full service?



If I press really hard on the thin blisters on my enormous slaphead and roll my fingers, I can cover the mirror in splatters. Lovely.


Is it wrong that I now have a semi?

Do you dip biscuits in the ichor?


Changed the dressing today. Here’s the ‘Don’t run with scissors’ pic

The cut was not so wide. But it was plenty deep.



That finger looks swollen like a chipolata - Is it still painful?
Is driving difficult?


It is swollen quite a bit. The nurse who checked it after 48 hours said fingers tend to do that, mostly as a response to the trauma but possibly also because the swelling around the cut has shut off fluid drainage channels. The main thing is that nothing is red and angry and there’s no weeping from the cut. The stitches sting a bit if I inadvertently move my finger in a way that pulls on them. And the numbness/tingling in the finger itself hasn’t gone away. But otherwise the initial pain is fading quite fast.

I haven’t driven since Sunday. I think it might be a bit awkward, especially when changing gear, but unless some desperate need arises I’m minded to let Mrs VB sit behind the wheel.



That looks like it could sting a little bit.

You want to tincture-of-arnica the fuck out of that…


I did run it under the tap when I first did it. Which is pretty much the same, isn’t it ?



Healed! :joy::rofl:

…actually looking at what’s in the pots above - it’s a good thing the “Bryonia alba” is VERY dilute - white bryony is chock-full of toxic alkaloids… :open_mouth:


Excellent !

Do you have any ?

While I was in college one of the perennials in the decorative border, which had been there years, was found to be deadly nightshade. Not some distant relative, but the real thing. It was doing pretty well in the sunny windless environment. They did take it away though :frowning_face:.



Funnily enough, I used to see bryony scrambling up fences and trees in parks, gardens and campuses all over Oxford - it must find the local soil and climate much to its liking, as I’ve never seen it much elsewhere - its toxicity was evidently unrecognised! To be fair, its smell is so strong and so obnoxious that anyone daft enough to ingest it is probably best allowed to remove themselves from the gene puddle…


Mrs VB spent part of Thursday clearing a length of one of our borders with a view to putting a few herbs and veg in.

I might go across to the other side of the garden and start a ‘poisons patch’ :smiling_imp:.



Get some of this in.


Not much feckin chance of anyone on here accidentally poisoning themselves, is there? 'Cept Wayne maybe :laughing: