Not good at all. Hope it gets sorted.


Good to have you back :+1:


No surrender to the yellow! Welcome back.


Welcome back and good luck with your health issue :+1:


Welcome back dude. Keep on keeping on. I hope deep Yellow doesn’t make you Orange, otherwise we’ll need to call you Trump and that wouldn’t be nice.




Yo, will everybody and your loved please be healthy’n’stuff. Thx.


Very much this - I’ve had as much of death and disease as I can take at the moment.

@B2T Hope yor back on your feet soon old chap


Awwww! Yellow love :heart_eyes:




Welcome back. I hope you start to feel better soon.

Your choice of avatar and moniker look quite prescient with the benefit of hindsight. :wink:


:+1: welcome back, can you still say squirrel, it may be the only way to tell you from our Chinese friends. Imposters are everywhere.


Good to see you back, hope things go well.


Welcome back. You’ll be comforted to note that nothing has changed.

Apart from ozbertexpat outcunting ziggymarley on the shoe front. :slight_smile:


That’s a matter of opinion, cat man shoe still tops the table in my eyes


It’s a close run contest, I’ll give you that. Hopefully there won’t be a photo-finish. :slight_smile:


I can’t work out if you’re referring to your body or your hifi. Anyway, welcome back to technicolour.


Welcome back dude. Hope you stay healthy and non-yellow.


Welcome back, hope your recovery goes well.


I would argue for heathy and pinkish myself. Blue, green, turquoise or even orange are not typically an indicator that all is well. Perhaps crimson needs to be ruled out too?