Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium

I want a pair of Napolis more;


I’m quite sold on all the red ones. Not the Gucci name / price, but I still like the look.

I’d have a pair of them as well :ok_hand:

In that post is Mr Tumble.

I’ll never criticise women and their shoe collection fetish in quite the same way again.

Off to have lunch in t’pub beer garden….

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I really hope there are some low-socks under those horrors, or you’re going on the ‘ignore’ list… :face_vomiting:

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What size are they or do you have big ankles?:flushed:

‘Cankles’, surely?

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Angle of the photo. I have slim ankles…



Ignore away :+1:

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It is the only slim part of me but there you go.


Terry , Terry… are you OK?

The big lads at the pub didn’t mean to thrash you so hard honestly. It was just the shoe thing that set anger ablaze. I hope the traction goes well. I’m really sorry to say the shoes are on the BBQ, the garage just sold out of paraffin (The lads had a whip round) Could you see the blaze from the air ambulance? It was quite spectacular!
You’re welcome back as soon as you feel well enough and the first pint is on the house. It’s a bit awkward but I have to add if you try anything like that again I’ll have to ban you and the lads have promised to bury you.
Trust you enjoy the grapes we sent? (we would have sent more but Parafin is bastard expensive these days)




I’ve never been so offended by a pair of shoes in all my my life. Utterly disgusting in every aspect.


Sorry, but is this actually happening?

Can people see the same thing I can see?

Am I asleep, is this some horrific nightmare?

Please can I wake up now?


They can only be worn under license.


Have they got a built in tag?

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I have worse.


Oh… you have ceased the waxing