Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium



Part shoe, part washing up sponge.


Green sole because reasons.


cos you can. They were bought from the outlet store where choice is a bit limited. But I like quirky! so green sole it is.

Louise has just ordered some shoes for me from the main store, and we enquired with Tricker’s if they can make the shoe with a different sole, of a colour, and they can but it makes the price mad.

They did suggest I could buy them, and then send them back for their “repair and rebuild” service, and I could have whatever sole I like on them. This made the price a little less mad…but we decided against it.


Casual today


Need grouting




you clearly have no taste


Just when I thought the thread had reached peak-cuntyshoe, you go and raise the bar once more. Good work.




Take this shit to dr cunties plimsol pit… I am partial to a pump and will post some sporty horrors soon




Thank fuck for that :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Clearly meant for Charlie Coralie


you know you want to


Vomit? :scream:


get a grip man. I should say there are another two pairs of these @home


If you do end up with the Maserati and then drive it wearing those abortions, you deserve to be shot by the motorway bridge snipers…


Did you get them from Lidl?


They are utterly ridiculous. A grown man should know better.