Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


Louise adds to her Trickers collection


Nice. A new box.

Branded jewellery box ?


There be boots in there


Oh. I thought you were just giving her the branded bag to carry stuff around in. Mrs VB has a cloth bag with DESY on it which I got handed at a meeting at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron once. There’s so much science around here that complete strangers in Sainsbury’s spot the bag and smile at her despite her never having even been to Hamburg.



I got this bag in Munich. Never got a smile from anyone while using it :grinning:


My new off gumtree workboots

Still boxed 15 quid

Practical yet stylish for the man about town


Too many pieces of leather. Looks like they’re made from off cuts :roll_eyes:






Are they Nubuck?



Mmmm…brown and greasy :smiley:


I’m not really interested in footwear - to me they’re functional rather than decorative items.

However, when Ann saw me looking at this thread, she reminded me of her family history of shoemaking/cobbling. This is a pic of her Great Grandad’s (or it might have been great great :thinking:) shop in East Molesey, Surrey, in about 1890.

@Penance should note - boots were 1/6 back then (7.5p) :smiley:




Have a new pair in brown.
To nice for work.


Used to go to Brick lane or Petticoat lane to buy them in the 70s,or Wembley market


Something up with your guts Stu? :wink:




They appear most rugged and in keeping with your outward deportment. Do they have a vegetarian option?


Did they survive the journey home loose in your car ? I’d have thought everything would have needed to be strapped down pretty damn tight.