Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


I’ll take 2 pairs


Trickers Robert


Nope. Give them back to Robert.


Good God in heaven no :face_vomiting:


Blue and Green should never be seen (especially when the Green in question is Trickers Robert).


I don’t want them thank you. :grin:


Not enough diamante?



black Jean’s cat hair and pubic dandruff - I need a shsve


Are those pig skin? If so they don’t crease much.


That is a truly horrible shoe.


Do you sell the dandruff?


I hope those are bandages round your ankles.
A gentlemans sock should always match the colour of the trouser.


Meh, you can keep all those Fancy Dan shoes. I’ve just ordered a pair of these.

Just the job for stomping around the island.


Goodyear welted wellies!!


Yep. Hunter Balmoral.


you got the money I got the flakes


Great, all that talk about salt reminded me I’d run out of special seasoning.


They’ve just been delivered in the last few minutes. Fit lovely and very comfortable on the first try.


You have a delivery service, on Fetlar that delivers after 20:00 hrs?