Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


It’s delivering supplies of lube to the Love Shack at Funzie & were able to fit Paul’s drop en route.


Suppose, being rubberwear, they had them in stock in the same warehouse.


ALL couriers (except RM) deliver to a holding depot in Aberdeen and they come up to Lerwick by ferry. A local company delivers them from there and Fetlar gets a door to door delivery every Friday evening.


20% off at the Tricker’s outlet site today.

As ever, the details is applied at the checkout.


Adam in green anyone?


Gardening shoes for the old and infirmed?:weary:


or Robert in electric blue


Even they have some self respect.


If only they had crepe soles.

Electric blue brothel creepers FTW.


Yea, great if youre a shawadyfuckingwady wannabe.


Exactly :+1:


Yeah, I would totally wear a pair of those.


Just need a pair of yellow cords to go with them


Quite fancy these. Chap I know used to work in the Clark’s factory in Plymouth so still gets 1/3 off.


Trickers shoes made on the Robert last are really comfortable, I have two pairs now, of which my latest are:


Surely the comfort of a shoe made on a particular last will be entirely dependent on the proportions of your feet. Peoples’ feet vary quite considerably.


of course - and my feet are quite broad. But I was just sharing my experience.

But given that, that last is used by Trickers a lot, and they keep recreating the shoe each season in suede, grain leather in different colours, suggests it is popular with the punters…

just saying like


Made with the scrap bits of my the sofa in my doctors surgery waiting room, circa 1975.
Do they smell of ether and vomit?


Rocking a waxy Barbour Brogue today. Perfect for a salubrious lunch in a road side maccie dig :b:ees.


Not at all sure what you’d even call these.

Having a bit of trouble adjusting to a casual work environment. Most people seem to wear athletics plimsolls.