Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Billy Bookcases? 2 cd’s deep, fixed shelf half way up, other adjustable unless I’m mistaken :slight_smile:


Can certainly get extra shelves for Billy units.


Yes CD depth Gregg. I have plenty of shelves. They aren’t exactly like the picture it’s just the nearest I could find. I’ll post a photo up tomorrow.

They shelves aren’t fixed btw


How wide is the unit?


60w x 20d x 193h


I will take these, if I may.
Be in touch by PM.




Sonos ZP100

This is the predecessor to the current CONNECT:AMP. Compared to its younger brother it’s bigger, heavier, and for no obvious reason can also act as a 4 port ethernet hub. The onboard amp is an adequate 50w.

Basically it’s instant hi-fi. Add a smart phone (or desktop computer) and a pair of speakers and you’re away with your music library, internet radio, Spotify, Tidal (I think) etc.

Buffalo 1Tb USB disk

This has been my “backup of last resort” for a few years.
Has a sticker on its side from when I’ve taken (very infrequent) backups, but I don’t think this will impair its ability to contain data.

Synology DS213air NAS /w 2 * WD 2Tb "red"

This is a two-bay NAS, ready to go with 4Tb of onboard storage. It has external USB 3.0 connections for backup etc.
As you can probably guess from the model number its 5 years old, as are the disks. So the disks could die tomorrow, or they could last another 10 years.

The “air” denotes its ability to be a wireless hub / repeater. This is possibly the dumbest feature I’ve ever seen on a NAS, and I think it ships in “pants down” totally open and unlocked mode, so you’ll want to turn this off as soon as you turn the unit on.

Everything comes with the appropriate power cables, but absolutely nothing else.

The NAS is reasonably fragile, and the Sonos is a heavy little bastard, so to be honest I’d rather not ship either.

Maybe you could collect from London SE21 (West Dulwich) or if you’re within reasonable range and have a train station and a nice local pub I could have lunch in then I’m game for a little travel.

All free of charge.

There are some reasonably nice bits here, so I’d rather it didn’t all just go to a gimlet-eyed kit-hoarder. Preference will be given to the impecunious, kids etc.


More legendary giving away of stuff there, Guy :heart:


I’d love the usb back up.
One thing I miss badly

I’m not sure collection would be easy though.


Can I give this a go? Am just around the corner in SE5, Thanks!

Edit: I mean the Sonos I think. I’m a complete luddite when it comes to this but the kids would appreciate it.


If this is not what you need, give me shout as I have a young daughter moving into her own bedroom and this would be perfect for blasting out little minx ( I think that’s what they are called )


Sure. Let me have a go to see if I can work it out and if kids actually use it. Happy to pass it on otherwise, assuming I get it


Can I have the Synology box?


Euhhh, probably / possibly.

Nobody else has asked for it.

Where are you? It’s not really very postable (with any hope of it arriving in one piece at the other end).


Lincs, but am in Stevenage once a month generally so getting to London isn’t an issue.

It can go to someone else, not too worried. :slight_smile:


That looks like everything is spoken for.

Thanks for the interest folks.


If it can get to me, I can hang on to it for you, as I’m near to Stevenage (unfortunately)


A rather unfortunate suburb name


All of Stevenage is unfortunate…