Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Jesus, can you fit them in your garage? :rofl:


Maplins are going to go bust due to their own ineptitude,
Pete is going to fill the void from his garage.


Jim’s would be great, thanks! :+1:


It’s just a wafer thin…


It’s gonna go critical…


12 Vibrapods cones and bases. Collect preferred or meet fairly local.


Can I have these Dave, catch them at Jim’s?




Pair of RCA 6ES8 (ECC189) Valves. Early 60’s Great Britain made (Mullard presumably).
Some vendors say these tubes are direct replacements for 6DJ8, ECC88 AND 6922 - not sure they are 100% the same but iirc I was going to use them in place of an ECC88.

I bought them over 10 years ago to use in a Musical Fidelity X-Can headphone amp which I’d sold before they the valves arrived from the USA!!

Bought from the TubeMuseum who are a very expensive USA supplier who sell on ebay. Think I paid the best part of £100 with shipping!!

Any use to anyone.


For info: The ECC189 is pin-compatible with the ECC88 and the paramters broadly match. But the ECC189 is the ‘variable mu’ version of this valve. This means that its gain changes with the chosen DC operating point. This was a very handy feature in radio receivers if you wanted to build an agc (automatic gain control) circuit to compensate for the fact that wirelesses and tellies had to cope with a very wide range of incoming signal strengths. In audio, however, it’s not a very useful feature and depending on the audio signal strength there can be a price to pay in terms of linearity.



I know of one manufacturer who sold a preamp using these in order to get the harmonic spectrum he preferred.


Meat van has delivered , isolation shenanigans will be pursued with appropriate vigor, thanks Dave :+1:


Larry longshot,but has anyone got a 33/45 pulley from a systemdek i could borrow for a few weeks?


PM incoming


Pair of Focal TC120K inverted kevlar dome tweeters - free to a meat man.


Claimed by @edd9000


5 shelf Target rack from the 1990’s, black with 5 black MDF shelves, the top one has spikes on the rack for the TT etc…

Collection only from Cheshire. Free.


I have 2 IKEA shelving units if anyone wants them. Like this but in cream/white finish. Ideal for CDs/DVDs.


Are the shelves just CD depth? Can one get additional shelves for them?


That looks like a fixed shelf design to me Gregg.

Usually with IKEA furniture, you’ll see a row of holes each side towards the front & back at each side tracking from top to bottom for the metal shelf support inserts, if the unit supports flexible shelf spacing.