Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Gregg do you still want these?


Thanks for the drive. Safely here and ready to back up my nas when I get round to it this week!

Much appreciated and I owe you that half pint :smirk:


Two pairs of 25mm Birchply cabinets 20L and 10L approx plus birch stands
made for Alpair 12P and PRV 5m5450 rest but may suit other drivers - both with removable panels
A bit rough finish as made from older cabinets not a disaster though- Delivery to South Lincolnshire area is possible later this week
or pick up from Oxford area - Please note I would like rid of them before I (hopefully) in a months time.


Can I have the larger pair Andy? I have a couple of different 8" drivers I want to experiment with.


Guy - yes no problem

Others. Please note large pair have been claimed


This CD


Just put a couple of quid in a homeless charity collection box to cover postage


2 x Weekend tickets to THE IDEAL HOME SHOW (Olympia London).

These are valid until the 2nd of April (this coming weekend Sat/Sun).

Just PM your email address and i’ll forward them to you.



Many thanks to Nick for these. He was kind enough to disassemble them, and help me load them.
Installed and populated. You can get 11 CD shelves in one. Brilliant.


Anyone want a heavy counter weight made for a Rega R200 to balance an SPU?


CW claimed


Not even remotely hi-fi related (mods please feel free to delete).

Before I chuck it on Freecycle, any interest in a Sunspel Macintosh, size XL, worn maybe 5 times?

Fits me (44" chest) fine, but is absurdly long in the arm, so you’d need to be both large and tall for it to fit, not just the standard AA “fat” size.

Exactly like the navy one here. God only knows what I thought I was doing when I bought it.

FWIW it’s lined, and is not the same as the mac that Sunspel are currently selling.


Would suit a sex pest / tourist. :slight_smile:


does it come with a matching trilby?


Might appeal to various members of this forsaken outpost…


Also one 12 slot watch box in carbon fibre (WTF?). Has a lock and key. I’m not posting it.

Would suit trilby-wearing sex pest / tourist with hoarding issues.


one might keep a condom collection in that.


Could be good for my fuse collection…


Resistor sorting box :slight_smile:




Got to keep the silver tantalum resistors seperate, wouldn’t want them contaminated. The carbon should protect them from excessive Schumann waves too.