Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


are the compartments large enough for butt plugs?


For one decade of E12…


Looks like a great cartridge storage box @pmac??


Sleeve. You have arms, it has sleeves.


Indeed! Sadly he’s not posting it, otherwise I would love it.


Lopwell ?



Please to clarify, trouser or trousers and where does pair of fit in?


Which part of

was unclear you fucktards?


Guy’s and my offices are both in town. We’ve met up before for a lunchtime pint. Perhaps if we could do that, then I could fetch it to Lopwell.


I really like it. I have a weird collection of wood and leather boxes.

All empty :see_no_evil:


If this works for you, Guy. I’ll take it please.


Are they very small ? If so then you could store them in this.



Two legs fit in a pair of trousers.






So, two arms fit in a pair of sleeves? It’s amazing what you can learn in this place. :wink::grinning:


Sorry, I missed this amongst all the helpful suggestions.

Sure, PM incoming.


Now taken - TDK Cassette tapes unused
Free postage to UK mainland


Should have probably posted this in here :roll_eyes:


Many thanks to Graham for the tonearm weight,and Andy for the use of his tonearm.

Also big thanks to @aja & @coco who went beyond the call of duty to sort out my turntable a while back