Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


If these haven’t already gone could I take them please? They are great for Sam to record himself practising Baritone.


The lengths he’ll go to avoid Jean Michelle Jarre :blush:


Apols Rob I forgot to say they went yesterday


No worries at all, I’ve had a kind offer via PM from Yoda as it happens so Sams sorted :+1:


Are any of these of any use?

SME3012 arm. SME 3009 removable arm. Nagaoka N-11MP gold stylus. Looks like it’s still sealed. No head shell for the 3012.


Yes please Mick for the 3009 s3 arm (and the Nag stylus if no-one else wants it).


Could I have the sme please?


Wow Mick, that really is getting into the Spirit. Very generous indeed, well done that meatman.


They were given to me by a close friend who was left them by his brother after he died. I know I would never use them and would prefer them to be appreciated by a meatman rather than some eBay buyer who would give me a load of abuse and then get their money back!


Very generous indeed, of both Mick and his friend at what must be a difficult time.


Bloody hell that was generous!


Well done Mick, terrific gesture.


Tempted to give away my Audionote Japan S9 step up now…


I’ll have the power lead…


I don’t want it if its free, bound to be shite


I always liked you the most.


You missed out the word ‘almost’


Modwright Remote Control in perfect condition - any use to anyone!


Does it come with a free Modwright amp?


Actually, just thinking about it, this would be very useful for my Sonos soundbar.

Due to the well-documented Sonos’ learning capability clashing with Samsung TV’s “hey boyo, the sound is disabled, why are you trying to change the volume?” error message I can’t use the TV remote for it and have to use something / anything else. Currently I am using a 1.99 thing from eBay that could pass for a sex toy. This would be much better.

Obviously preference should go to a Modwright owner, but if it’s not already taken please may I have a shot?