Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Should it not go to whomever you sold the amp to?


It would very much be of use to me - my old plastic one has recently died and Jack has quoted me £200 for a replacement metal one!
More than happy to offer some surplus bits to the Slaughterhouse in return.


They got one - this was a spare.


Bet there will be a few applicants after this if it’s listed :grinning:


Didn’t I send you a replacement plastic one free of charge?


Am I too late? I have a LS36.5 that this would look lovely with.


It is on it’s way to Guy (gyroscope) but if it doesn’t work how he hopes then he will offer it to someone else.


Thanks @Gyroscope - arrived back at my parents place a few moments ago and have started the reset/install process on the Synology drive you’ve given me.

Should adequately protect all my Dad’s photos which won’t fit on the laptop my brother sourced for him which has a 30GB storage drive…


Excellent. Sounds like an ideal use for it :+1:


If anyone has a use for these let me know and I’ll stick 'em in the post - I’ve only used one of largest rectangular ones and it has worked a treat:+1:


Yes please, my First Watt SIT 2 is blinding blue, I’ll pm you my details.


I’ll use a few and put the rest up for someone else.


I’ll stick them in the post tomorrow Jez. Good idea as there are loads on the sheet. :+1:


I got these from Spacehopper ( thank you ) so putting these up for someone else now minus a few,


Can I stick them on my specs to make them into ‘prescription sunglasses’?


why not just stick em straight on your eyeballs as contact lenses that’ll work like sunglasses


Brilliant idea!


I’ve got a copy of Luciferian Towers by GY!BE that has a few clicks, pops etc. I wasn’t able to get a refund for reasons. After seeing them live recently, I decided that I liked the album enough to buy another copy (which is thankfully minus said imperfections).

Willing to post at cost to anyone who wants it.


Yes please, loads on here go on about these, so let’s give them a go.



(One word and still beaten :joy:)