Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Rob, I guess you won the race. Commiserations Steve.


Need to use more than one finger :wink:


I’ve got the dog typing for me. I’m pulling bits of old pizza out the back of the sofa…


If you don’t like it, pass it on to Steve?


That’s a good idea mate.


Great work Meat Men.


Anybody want a pair of Magneplanar MG-1C’s?
One of them appears in decentish condition, and probably works.
The other is much less worky. Got a bag with some armature wire and the feet and the label.

Pictures when I can be arsed. They are in Northampton.

Probably gonna get skipped if nobody wants them.


Neil Diamonds Greatest Hits.

4 track 3 3/4 IPS stereo.


Can anyone use these?
Hifi2000 https://www.modushop.biz/site/
pair of 3mm thick front / rear panels 8.3mm x 33.3mm

Let me know…


Should those dimensions be in cm?

May be the sort of thing that Edd can turn into swarf.


Yes the outside dimensions are cm, by all means add a 0 for mm.


What are the inside measurements in, please and do you have them in yellow ?


Anyone want a platter damping ring? Will fit Lencos 301s and 401s.
Just found it in the bottom of a tool box.


Ooh, yes please!


Pm me your address…


Chromecast Audio.

Still boxed etc etc …


I’m going to look greedy here, but that would be ideal for Ellie’s little system that I’ve been promising her…


You’re more than welcome Rob.

PM me your details.


On its way mate.


Yes please if they haven’t gone.