Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Didn’t you like it Mike?

Matt, if you want Mikes then that’s fine.


Rob I’m happy with your most generous offer - PM incoming


Not really. It’s the second time I’ve bought it and it’s still pretty meh !

You’re welcome to it Rob, if you’re looking to replace your copy.


Abbey Road sent me a new one, so someone else can benefit.

I really love the 19 min version of It’s A Mans Mans Mans World, but Jesus, isn’t it so obvious now, that the premise comes from another century?


It just sounds too artificial / staged to be convincing, to me. The hardest working man in showbusiness !!!


I’m still waiting for mine to arrive



Ah. Le vinyl. So academic.

Very generous offer anyway; bravo.


Abbey Road said they sent me their last copy to replace my damaged one…


Ah, in which case, offer withdrawn :slight_smile:


I’m also waiting for the omd album due next month I hoping they will bundle


Erm, I have a small piece of paper with some numbers and letters on it, that might be going spare…?


Do you think we should set up an Album ‘swap shop’ ?

Any mileage d’ya reckon ?


I’ve got two bright eyes albums I just never play. Would love to swap for something I would


Nah, probably not then.


To be fair anyone can have them


I think that’s a good idea actually Mike :+1:


I do too. Sort of an ‘l have, what you got ?’ type scenario.
Be interested to hear what da management @TMC has to say on the idea


Can’t see it being a problem with the site per se, but how do we work it? It’ll have to be along the lines of I’ve got “A”, and I’m into “B”, “D” “S” & “M” what have you got?




I tried this a couple of times before but it died due to lack of interest

Think the best way is for those interested to put a list up,then let the swapping commence. Not sure if it’s it worth putting a price next to each album to help fairness wise